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The dating of rock art a critique

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in the case of the Pale Man, the brain has been removed from the equation. mindless, the eyes see and the hands want & reach out to get it.the Pale Man's body is at peace when its eyes are disconnected from the hands, but once the eyes are placed in the hands, it wants. All mine." in this case, the eyes in hands represent avarice - hyper-greed.It represents the Eye of God keeping watch on humankind, Divine Providence.The symbol dates back to ancient Egypt and was symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from Horus.The Hand's positive energy draws happiness, riches and health.A talisman charms against the Evil Eye take different forms in each culture where the belief is common.what they want is life and when the Pale Man gets his hands on life, he converts it to death (the pile of children's shoes - the lost generation of Spanish liberals' children sent to the Soviet Union).- tpk 27dec2011 This is an academic (religious studies, art history & iconography) research site.

tpk 21feb00 "Originating in the Middle East the Hand represents God's "Protective-Hand," and the blue Eye on it shields its owner from the curse of the Evil Eye.

The palms of your hands are a particularly frequent place to put them, but they can be anywhere on the body.

- tvtropes one of the marvelous things about this film is that it shows live eyes-in-hands in action connected to a living breathing moving body with no eye-holes in its head.

Evolutionary psychologists say that animals from fiddler crabs to humans use eyesight for collision avoidance, suggesting that vision is basically for directing action, not providing knowledge.[41] - on Perception Steven Gaulin & Donald Mc Burney, Evolutionary Psychology 2003 pp 81-101 ...

"These photographs are from a series titled ILLUMINATI, by [Buenos Aires-based fashion photographer] Antonella Arismendi. The image of the All Seeing Eye (The Eye of Providence) is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle.