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What would you do with Steamboat Willie’s Mickey Mouse if it enters the public domain? As a photographer and Patent Attorney with a background in marketing, Steve has a unique perspective on art, law and business.

He is currently serving as the VP of Product Innovation at Orangenius, where he hopes that his many interactions with the various members of the Orangenius community will provide lots of important material for Artrepreneur.

You can find his photogrphy at or through Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in NYC.

, and he decided that he could use it as his “pilot” film to sell a series of these “Alice Comedies” to a distributor. Winkler, contracted to distribute the “Alice Comedies” on October 16, 1923, and this date became the start of the Disney company.

That small studio was sufficient for a couple of years, but the company eventually outgrew it and Walt had to look elsewhere.

He found an ideal piece of property on Hyperion Avenue in Hollywood, built a studio, and in 1926 moved his staff to the new facility.

It was at the Hyperion Studio, after the loss of Oswald, that Walt had to come up with a new character, and that character was Mickey Mouse.

By 1831 it was changed to 28 years with a 14 year renewal and in 1909, copyright duration became 28 years with a 28 year renewal.Not everybody has been happy about these changes due to our inability to use old work to create new artistic works.One author noted that we are “the first generation to deny our own culture to ourselves” since “no work created during your lifetime will, without conscious action by its creator, become available for you to build upon.” Disney now has until 2023 to figure out how to extend that date once again.Ub animated two Mickey Mouse cartoons, but Walt was unable to sell them because they were silent films, and sound was revolutionizing the movie industry.So, they made a third Mickey Mouse cartoon, this time with fully synchronized sound, and opened to rave reviews at the Colony Theater in New York November 18, 1928. The new character was immediately popular, and a lengthy series of Mickey Mouse cartoons followed.Under the 1909 Copyright scheme, the Mickey Mouse character had copyright protection for 56 years (with the renewal), expiring in 1984.