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Javascript for validating dropdownlist in asp net

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This means that you can specify select, update, insert and delete methods directly in the data-bound control to call logic from your code-behind file or from another class.

To learn about this, you will use a Grid View to list the product categories using the new Select Method attribute.

In this section, you will learn how to use data annotations for validating a new/edit customer form.

In previous version of Web Forms, handling database errors such as a too long string or a unique key violation could involve throwing exceptions in your repository code and then handling the exceptions on your code-behind to display an error.

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With the data-bound controls, you can now also specify your own custom methods for selecting, updating, deleting and inserting data, simplifying the interaction between the page controls and your application logic. NET Web Forms introduces a number of improvements focused on improving user experience when working with data.In previous versions of Web Forms, when using data-binding to emit the value of an object member, you used the data-binding expressions Bind() or Eval(). NET, you are able to declare what type of data a control is going to be bound to by using a new Item Type property.With unobtrusive validation enabled, your HTML code will look cleaner and tidier.In this section, you will enable unobtrusive validation in ASP.This hands-on lab includes the following exercises: Note Each exercise is accompanied by an End folder containing the resulting solution you should obtain after completing the exercises. NET Web Forms introduces a number of enhancements focused on improving the experience when working with data.