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If you need to ask for someone’s location or share your own, everyone will get the information.The app lets you customize the default time after which your location is shared with someone following a request, and you can even add trusted contacts by phone number.The patience part is the hardest, and generally the longer you wait the better the likely outcome because you want all water inside the device to be completely absorbed by the rice before trying to power it on again.I left my i Phone in the air-tight rice bag for around 36 hours, but there’s no harm in leaving it in for 48 hours.Think of it like Apple’s Find My Friends app, but across platforms!One of the many useful tricks the i Phone has is a little app called Find My Friends.

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Here’s my i Phone turned on for the first time after a full submersion in water, it works beautifully just as normal, and is dry as can be: This should work for almost every instance of severe water contact with an i Phone, though obviously for situations where an i Phone is soaking in water while turned on for 15 minutes or longer your likelihood of recovery is going to diminish dramatically.

Likewise, you’ll have much better recovery odds with fresh water than you would with salt water, simply because salt water is more corrosive.

Soft drinks and sticky beverages will be more challenging as well since they leave more residue around, but as long as it dries out it will probably survive even if you dump a coke or coffee onto an i Phone.

You can check these yourself by looking at the following locations, depending on your i Phone model (image via Apple): Generally if the liquid sensors are triggered it’s bad news, but the fine print in the water damage policy suggests that there is some leniency available, so if you’re generally pleasant to deal with you may get lucky even if your i Phone spent an afternoon rolling around in ocean waves and now has some damage even after soaking in rice for a few days.

If the i Phone has dried out, suffered water damage, and warranty service is fruitless, the four things most likely to go wrong are the following: If water damage has occurred, you can always try taking the i Phone into Apple to see if they’ll swap it out or repair it for you for free, but without Apple Care the odds are fairly slim since the standard warranty does not cover water damage and accidental damage in general.