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Top 5 Wall Colors For Oak Cabinets: There are hundreds more but you can’t go wrong with these picks. If yes, you can feel confident that any of these colors will work on your walls, providing your flooring is either wood or a very neutral tile. If you need specific help and are interested in working together, I’m only a phone call or email away…

Check out my affordable E-design services if you are not local or just need a quick online consultation.

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If you have problems printing one of the ultra-wide pages please see the comments in the paragraph below (the one titled "You can create...") .

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This web page, by itself, if printed, would be over 100 pages - and it's just the index.

The best results come from folks that loans us an actual paper LBI in good condition.

In that situation we can use the top quality full-page scanner that has been made available to us, and produce the best image, as well as scan each schematic pull-out sheet as a single ultra-wide page.