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Pure Dancing with the Stars, Kinda weird she would post a. The professional dancer and the Boy Meets World actor have reignited.

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I know what it takes to shift the pounds, because I’ve done it so many times.Psychologically, I think the reason I overeat and allow myself to get fat is that I feel confident that at some point in the future I will be thin again. A diet that isn't a 'diet', more of a realistic lifestyle overhaul - something I could stick to with changes I could live with permanently.I booked into Harrods Body Clinic for something called an In-body Composition Analysis.It’s no surprise to learn that, like most women, I feel better when I’m thin.It’s fantastic to be able to go into any High Street store and know that everything will fit me and most things will suit me, too.

At first, I was so self-conscious at the gym; I felt huge in my XL man's T-shirt and baggy tracksuit.

But I come from the sort of family where people don’t really go in for compliments and confidence-bolstering.

Then as soon as I hit my mid-30s, my previously super-fast metabolism decided it was going to start taking life a little more slowly.

Weight loss and gain is a story familiar to many women — nine out of ten dieters will regain every pound they lose and probably end up weighing even more than when they started.

Most give up and accept themselves for who they are.