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" In a different country, this coming out story might not be considered out of the ordinary.
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Eventually, she says, it will seem utterly natural for older women to enjoy the social status that was previously reserved for men.

And with this increase in power, many middle-aged females will adopt previously ‘male’ behaviours.

And I do feel younger.’The toyboy doesn’t come without risk, however.

The irony, of course, is that while older women sometimes pick these men to make them look younger, there’s nothing more ageing than standing next to someone many years your junior.

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For the first time, they’re an attractive sexual proposition — and this, says Eagly, will create a permanent difference in the way we live.

And that an increasing number are willing to go beyond the fantasy and actually do something about it.

When one of my friends divorced a few years ago, she took a lover, Max, who was smart, funny and ten years her junior.

Little wonder that this generation of Mrs Robinsons is proving so alluringly sexy and sophisticated that bedazzled young boys are seemingly becoming their willing slaves. Because with the rise of the potency of middle-aged women comes an equal and opposite reaction: the infantilisation of men. One of the fundamental tenets of evolution — men being attracted to younger women because they are fertile and women being drawn to older, higher-status males who are in a better position to provide for offspring — is slowly being eroded.

Today, attractive young men such as Wendi Deng’s toyboy Bertold Zahoran play the same role as previously enacted by pretty young girls with their wealthy sugar daddies. Instead, says social psychologist Alice Eagly, professor at Northwestern University, Illinois, the profound changes in our social roles are in turn twisting our sexual interactions.