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Nine times out of ten, I am working a half hour extra a day while we are both getting paid for 40 hours a week.
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And just like his date nights with Blunt — whom Krasinski admits he’s jealous of, since she will be playing the titular character in 2018’s and therefore will be “like a superhero” to Hazel and Violet — he likes to keep things simple and genuine.“The truth is, I love really simple quiet times with my daughters,” he says, adding that even though parenting has turned his world upside down in the sense that you don’t really have much time for yourself anymore, it’s worth the sacrifice. You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to take a break, you watch this child and I’m going to go watch TV,’ ” Krasinski admits about the difference between having one child and two. It’s a whole new thing to not have any time for yourself necessarily.

“I think that’s really important for my kids,” the actor continues.

'Totally selfishly, [sex] is so much better for me being jacked because you feel so much more confident and you see yourself as this much more sexual person, which is really fun,' he admitted in the September issue.

He is widely known for his role as Jim Halpert on the NBC sitcom The Office (2005–2013), for which he received critical acclaim and won numerous awards.

Krasinski rose to fame playing Jim Halpert in the NBC sitcom The Office from 2005 to 2013.

Krasinski filmed the footage of Scranton, Pennsylvania, for the show as well, including the clips shown in the opening credits.