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Vi ber dig dock vänligen att komma ihåg att sidans HTML-5 version har väsentligt begränsade funktioner (ej optimal videokvalitet möjlig försening av streaming).

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You could write about anything -- from the very personal (my dog just destroyed my couch) to something more topical to your job (anyone know how to post a Power Point show online? Pros: One way to channel messages specific or appropriate to different groups is to set up filters for your contacts so you can choose who will see the message when you post it.

Set up a separate work-related account and another for personal use on each social networking site.

Many professional bloggers (e.g., Heather Armstrong, famous for being fired after writing very candid work-related posts on her personal blog, Anil Dash, Jason Kottke, and others) became famous because they developed strong, often outspoken, online identities where "followers" got a sense of both their personalities as well as their professional lives.

You can use social media to develop that same kind of online singular identity.

In other words, don't post anything on the Web that you wouldn't say in front of your boss or your mom.

(This goes especially for anything illegal, against corporate policy, or just plain embarrassing, as in this ​round-up of 12 people who lost their jobs, reputations, or freedom after posting dumb photos to the Web.)Before using social networking sites to connect to colleagues or find a job by using social media, edit your profile information to make sure it only has information you want your boss, coworkers, clients, colleagues, and potential employers to see ... Also review your privacy settings in Facebook, Linked In, and other social networks -- make sure you're comfortable with the information that's automatically being shared about you on the Web. Social media is great for building and maintaining relationships online and sharing and finding information you might not get elsewhere.

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The increasing adoption of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In presents an interesting quandary for people who want to use social media for both personal (keep in touch with family and friends) and professional (network with colleagues) purposes.

Do you juggle separate personal and business profiles for each of these networks?

The most important thing to remember is that even if you maintain separate personal and professional identities online, any information you share online can be made public or accessible to others.

The issue of privacy in social networking is a hot one.