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Dating someone with small children

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As I have said previously, you want someone to recognise your situation in it’s entirety and I just felt there was a lack of understanding, as she thought they should be left to it and even questioned why they weren’t asleep.

As we know, sometimes they just wake up, for well – no reason!

Actually, I may just jump in with them.” There was a long pause on the phone and her reply was deadly serious, “Well I hope you will be wearing swimming shorts!

” Now, I guess we all have views on this, but for me, I don’t see anything wrong with any parent having a bath with their babies.

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I believe once you are over those initial hurdles and accepted the reality of your position, and are in a better place emotionally – no matter how long that may take, then dating could be a viable option.Sadly, I think some sections of society can be largely responsible for the above type reaction and really, it ought to come down to personal choice.I am not here to try and educate people on what is right and wrong, I simply need someone to be on my wavelength rather than enforce what think is right on me.You are re-finding yourself, you need to create a new routine for your children, establish new boundaries at home and work potentially, and in so many ways you are starting afresh.It takes time to bounce back and recover fully, but as many of us may know, being single and on your own (with or without children), can be a lonely place.Another scenario, could be that they may not be able to have children themselves but absolutely love and always wanted children of their own, so that could be a win-win situation.