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Bowls and large vases were also sometimes made with this glaze.

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It is one of the most genuinely subversive films to come out of Hollywood since the 70s."I started reading it out loud," says Portman, who plays a mild-mannered girl who is imprisoned by V before falling in love with him and, finally, carrying his torch of destruction.She has a television, but doesn't actually watch any shows—except for the occasional David Chappelle or Ali G on DVD.

She's worth listening to because of her own inherent intelligence, experience, and background."Besides all that, she exudes a warmth and an authenticity thai carry over onto the screen and have made her one of the most moving actresses working today.

She puzzles, quite adorably, about her Goody Two-Shoes image, saying, "Granted, I'm not super-scandalous, but I've had drunken nights out, you know? Anyone who has spent real time with her invariably comes away mesmerized; first by her exquisite beauty, which she seems oblivious to, and then by the thing that sets her apart from almost every actor in Hollywood—a total, intelligent absorption in everything but herself. She will talk breathlessly about her old law professor Alan Dcrshowitz's ideas on justified torture, or about how the New Zealand Moriori tribe's philosophy of nonviolence doomed them to extinction, or how the two-party system is hampering American politics.

She never sounds pompous, because it's all punctuated with "like"s, goofy laughs, and the word "super," which she frequently uses as a prefix to adjectives.

Hollywood star Natalie Portman is denying gossip reports that she's dating loser Sean Penn.

The star is insisting the budding romance story is "completely untrue," and she's appalled that the media has linked her to Penn, who recently broke up from wife Robin Wright-Penn.