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Simply put, we are committed to being the leaders in providing the best quality medicine possible for your pet—our patient.
One of the colleges in the Alabama Community College System is Jefferson Davis Community College, whose namesake is the first and only President of the Confederacy.

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Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni MH) — has a higher energy density compared to the Ni Cd at the expense of reduced cycle life. Applications include mobile phones and laptop computers.

Lead Acid — most economical for larger power applications where weight is of little concern.

While one battery type may be designed for small size and long runtime, this pack will not last and wear out prematurely.

A third battery may provide all the desirable attributes, but the price would be too high for commercial use.

In this article we look at the advantages and limitations of the commercial battery.

The so-called miracle battery that merely live in controlled environments is excluded.

The Ni Cd is used where long life, high discharge rate and economical price are important.

Main applications are two-way radios, biomedical equipment, professional video cameras and power tools.

The Ni Cd contains toxic metals and is environmentally unfriendly.

The figures are based on average ratings of commercially available batteries at the time of publication.

Observation: It is interesting to note that Ni Cd has the shortest charge time, delivers the highest load current and offers the lowest overall cost-per-cycle, but has the most demanding maintenance requirements.