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Your mobile device can't handle the kind of video processing necessary to do this sort of thing immediately, and making a local client for Nest to run on Windows/Mac/Linux would be a tremendous undertaking that would never result in a service that ran as smoothly as the current implementation of the Nest experience.

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” Unless you’re doing 3D photos like these, getting a specific make or model of camera isn’t as important as you might think.

Neither is having a really expensive camera—a fancy machine isn’t better at teaching you how to be a good photographer, and you’d be surprised to learn how many professionals use cheap ones.

If you are photographing something with a really defined horizontal line, such as the horizon on a landscape, try placing that line in one of the “thirds” instead of in the middle of the frame.

The image might be more interesting that way: The rule of thirds isn’t a steadfast commandment (none of the things I’m saying here is! Study the way photos and paintings that you like are composed, to get an idea of what works.

Look at that photo without the grid, and imagine how different it would look if the boy on the bike were in the center: If those points are empty, your photo may lack focus.

If you center your subject, your image might feel a little boring or static.

A good way to avoid this is to place one hand under the camera, and brace that arm’s elbow against your ribs. You could also kneel on one knee, with the other knee forward so you can rest your camera-supporting arm on it, or lean against a wall or something for extra support. Tripods Apart from your own body parts, the most common form of camera support is a tripod.

A ton of Tara’s work is done with cheap cameras: these two were taken with the webcam on her HP laptop; this one was taken with a disposable camera; this with a waterproof disposable.

Also, she says, “all my photography pre-October 2009 was shot with a cheap point-and-shoot.” Lauren Poor used a disposable camera for this shoot; for this one she used “the cheapest digital point-and-shoot [she] could find,” took videos of her friends, then took screenshots of those videos. But you’ll be better at breaking rules in interesting ways if you know what those rules are in the first place, and why they exist.) 1.

In a well-composed photo, all the elements of composition—color, line, tone, pattern, space, and perspective—are working together to make the image compelling.

If you train yourself to visualize a photo’s composition before you press the shutter, you’ll be able to say more with your photographs. Henri Cartier-Bresson, who basically invented modern photojournalism, was a master of composition.