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While Snapchat is already available on i OS and Android, it's not yet officially available for Mac.

But while there's no official mac OS variant of the app, there's still a way to use Snapchat on a Mac - using emulators.

They’ve recently added a whole host of new features, if only, it seems, to make Instagram’s developers waste time copying them. Over on the right you’ll see a little paper clip icon; tap it.

One of these new features it the ability to share links through your Snaps. You’ll see a list of URLs that you’ve attached before and that are on your clipboard.

Other outlets have suggested that given Bitstrips' experience with keyboard integration, Snapchat could use the service to better integrate Snapchat features into smartphone keyboards.

Slingshot is currently rolling out around the world, in countries like Australia, Malaysia, and India where the calendar has already flipped the page to June 10. Reports have circulated today that Snapchat has purchased Bitstrips, the cartoon/emoji hybrid that enables you to transform yourself into an animated character.If you use Facebook (which you do), you're no doubt well aware of Bitstrips.Given the growing focus on video, Snapchat could look to integrate Looksery and Bitmoji to create fully animated, hyper accurate cartoon depictions of users, based on people's actual facial features.That would obviously pose a more significant challenge to implement, but it would definitely be more attention-grabbing than simply adding Bitmoji characters into the Snapchat can respond to a shot with a quick reaction gesture.