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Nick Rhoades was clerking at a Family Video store in Waverly, Iowa, one summer afternoon in 2008 when three armed detectives appeared, escorted him to a local hospital and ordered nurses to draw his blood.

A dozen miles away, his mother and stepfather looked on as local sheriff’s deputies searched their home for drugs — not illegal drugs, but lifesaving prescription medications.

In a recent survey of HIV-positive people in New Jersey, 90 percent said that people with the virus bore most of the responsibility to protect their partners.

More than half approved of the kind of laws that resulted in Rhoades’ sentence.

“I was saying, ‘Well, OK, why should I propose if I’m scared of dying in 10 years?

And if we do have a kid, then I might die and leave my kid without a father, like I grew up without a mother.’” The fear is “choking” and “silencing,” he said.

Lab results and a bottle of pills found in the Rhoades’ refrigerator confirmed the detectives’ suspicions: Nick Rhoades was HIV-positive.

Almost a year later, in a Black Hawk County courtroom, Judge Bradley Harris peered down at Rhoades from his bench.

Even in such cases, it can be hard to prove who transmitted the virus without genetic tests matching the accused’s HIV strain to their accuser’s.

Officially, the charge, buried in Chapter 709 of the Iowa code, is “criminal transmission of HIV.” But no transmission had occurred.

The man Rhoades had sex with, 22-year-old Adam Plendl, had not contracted the virus.

And studies show that about half of newly infected people got the virus from those who didn’t know they had HIV.

So relying on a partner to know, let alone disclose, their HIV status is a risky proposition.