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He has a short, thick ahoge on his hair, which he appears to have inherited from his father, and wears a small red rope tied around his neck at all times.He initially wore a traditional Arabian outfit with a sash around his waist to hold his knife, black boots with blue stripes, and one earring in each ear.In contrary to Cassim, Alibaba tried to live his life as honestly as possible.Not too long after, the King of Balbadd visited the slums.He comes back to life with the help of the magicians from Alma Torran to prevent the destruction of their world. It is revealed by the Mother Dragon that Alibaba has the bearings of a hermit.

He led a happy life, unlike his friends, Cassim and Mariam, who were raised by a terrible father who often beat them.

After his mysterious disappearance, Anise welcomed them as members of her family and thus, they became the family of four. Cassim, being the oldest of them, took on the role of taking care of them.

Even though it was hard for them, they combined their strength to help each other, and were helped by Anise's customers and neighbors as well.

He was lonely and had to go through intense daily training.

He was taught everything from how he walks, speaks and eats, to sword fighting, economics, math, and philosophy.