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It shows interracial families and their children being normal and cute, not something to gawk at or to question." That imagery can be powerful.

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the rate of increase changed at about the time that online dating become popular. Compare that with 1980, when less than 7% of new marriages took place between interracial couples and the share of overall marriages was just 3%. In 1987, about the impact of interracial marriage on society, 43% of Americans said more intermarriage has been a change for the better. It's been less than 50 years since blacks and whites have been able to legally marry, .How many times have I said that, although there hasn’t been a study, I bet that the rise in online dating correlates with the rise of interracial dating and marriage.In an article published by MIT Technology Review titled, , researchers Josue Ortega of the University of Essex, and Philipp Hergovich of the University of Austria noticed something very interesting about social networks and online dating sites.“It is intriguing that shortly after the introduction of the first dating websites in 1995, like, the percentage of new marriages created by interracial couples increased rapidly,” say the researchers.