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Zinone, who is now married, said she was 24 years old when she started working for NBC’s “Today” show after a summer internship. I wanted to hear from him that I could succeed in West Virginia. I’m not a performance artist.” She said the last time she saw Lauer was during the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles where they had an “encounter” in a bathroom of the Staples Center.

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For women, common phrases include 'I deserve a man that will treat me like a princess or I deserve a man that will be chivalrous'.

'This might be so, but you can't assume that you are not going to get them,' Louanne said.

Cricket legend and renowned ladies' man Shane Warne was first publicly linked to blonde glamour model Emily Sears back in March.

And now a new report has surfaced claiming that things are still hot and heavy between the King of Spin and the buxom Australian beauty.

And after Shane Warne took to Twitter hours later to slam the claims as 'completely made-up', the retired cricket star once again voiced his frustration on FOX FM's Fifi, Fev and Byron radio show on Wednesday.'This is the last straw,' the renowned ladies' man told the hosts, before admitting that he actually thought he would be a 'pretty good' and 'entertaining' choice.'In case you haven’t realised, this is a fantasy and when you are fantasising about this fictitious thing that you dream about it’s not going to happen or come true,' she said.'If the person that you are meeting doesn’t match your dream, which is a fantasy, it’s not reality and you just write them off.I hear it all the time and you've all heard it and most of you have all done it.For men, common phrases include 'I deserve a woman that's going to put me first or I deserve a woman that's not going to make me work so hard for her'.'Everybody wants to know where we are going and what’s happening and the ball park changes as expectations change.'Relax, live in the day and you will discuss as the days, weeks and months go by and make sure your goals are in line.