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This feeling is normal and you should be on alert not to be swayed by it.
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Dating professionals with herpes

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I wanted to put my best foot forward and not limit myself to only date men with herpes.

Looking back, this was a good choice for me because I met my husband through a mutual friend.

It will eat away at one’s soul and rob a woman of her right to be have a happy and healthy relationship. Small Pool of Fish: If a woman chooses to only date within the herpes community or from herpes dating sites, then she limits herself to the number of potential partners that would otherwise be interested in dating her.

This is the main reason why I never used a herpes dating site.

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Dating within the herpes community is a great first step, but I encourage women to get out there in the open pool if things don’t work out in the “small pool”. Transmitting Herpes To A Partner: For many women, their greatest fear is transmitting the virus to an uninfected partner.The truth is that herpes affects all sorts of women and the stigma of it being “dirty” and “shameful” is totally unfounded.The fact is that herpes affects at least 1 in 4 women and statistically speaking, there is absolutely no way that 1 in 4 women are “dirty”, sexually irresponsible and promiscuous.The Talk: The most glaringly obvious benefit is that dating on a positive singles site can help to lessen the fear of having The Talk and disclosing your herpes status.Where so many women fall short is that they skip ever having “The Talk” with their new prospective positive partners, especially if both have herpes.She had had sex with him a few times before she ever got the courage to tell him that she had herpes. So many women with herpes never disclose to their partners until its too late.