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Based on your age, weight, color, wealth, you could either be a MILF, sugar baby, or “rich women looking for young men”.

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Typically, the “exterior beautiful” women would trigger this belief because I had assumed they must be special and I wouldn’t have to completely let go of my fantasy.My fantasy would then project this image onto her and I would react to that image.Is it just normal because I’m a heterosexual guy that likes women?

I appreciate their human beauty and specific characteristics.

Similarly, one of the main reasons why so many men surf porn is because it’s a temporary stress reliever. Since I used to suck at feeling my feelings and I was emotionally constipated (due to my conditioning), I resorted to the limited tool belt I had; stuffing, distracting, avoiding, masking, hiding, masturbation, fucking, or projecting it outward through blame. I love appreciating and experiencing another human being for more than just her physical traits.

So objectifying women is temporarily helpful for me when I want relief, even though it’s comes at a cost and it ultimately doesn’t help me in the long term. This requires I meditate, connect to someone I love and slow down. What I prefer physically doesn’t in itself inspire me to want to connect with a woman, and doesn’t in itself have me feel attracted.

Our aim was to get underneath to the deeper truth going on. Nature Yes indeed men want to procreate and plant our seed, so naturally we look for mates constantly. In fact, it can even be glorious, alive, fun, and enjoyable.2.

Nurture The next thing to note is that men are conditioned to objectify women. In men’s culture, it’s acceptable to objectify women. And, the less developed a man is, the more animal-like and unconscious his behavior will be toward women.