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It seemed to her that life couldn't have been more perfect. 'I took lessons on how to do the perfect scream without damaging my voice. Little did she know that her professional acting career was rapidly drawing to a close.

'They were planning to film the second series in Hollywood,' she explains.

'I had two children and a husband, there was no way I could go.

'Perhaps it would be different today, but there was no way Mick would have come to Hollywood with me.

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She lost her virginity at 14 to 'a man who grabbed me in a corridor at a party'. I wanted lots of love.' One of her early boyfriends was Daphne du Maurier's son, Kits Browning.

'He turned up at the flat in the middle of the night throwing stones up at the window,' she says. This is my baby and my life." ' By this time, while filming one of the Edgar Wallace mystery series, she had met Michael Gough, the actor who would later play Alfred the butler in four Batman films. Her daughter Polly, later adopted by Gough, had already been born and Anneke, then 21, was already pregnant again with their son, Jasper.

She was pregnant and in need of somewhere to stay and he offered her a room in his house. A year later, she was offered her role as Polly in Doctor Who, earning £90 a week — equivalent now to about £1,000 a week. 'William Hartnell (the first Doctor) was pretty intimidating to work with, but when he was succeeded by Patrick Troughton it was so much fun.' Even so, she confidently turned down a second series for fear of being typecast and went on to play the assistant to Anthony Quayle's criminologist in the hit series The Strange Report.

You're coming home with me."' Soon she was living in his London flat, along with Newley's mother, Grace, and his manager. I couldn't resist him.' During their year-and-a-half-long relationship, she helped him work on his musical Stop The World — I Want To Get Off.

'They were the happiest times,' she says, 'sitting by the piano writing songs together and I had my own little room as a studio where I could paint — mainly pictures of him and me.' She knew he was unfaithful, but says: 'He made sure it wasn't under my nose and our little life was kept apart from all that.' When Anneke discovered at 18 that she was pregnant, Newley took her by the hand and said: 'Darling, don't worry. You'll have to clean out your studio and turn it into a nursery.' 'I was in heaven,' says Anneke. The first Anneke knew about it was when she found a telephone message scribbled on a pad in his manager's office. I didn't know why he had changed his mind.' When she finally booked into a clinic in Hampstead for a Caesarean abortion at four-and-a-half months pregnant, she remembers taking a doll with her. 'I was sobbing my eyes out.' She moved in with her brother Robin at a flat in Paddington, but when Newley returned to London, she went round to their former home to confront him.