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"It’s a way of fulfilling sentimental human need for connection and romance without having to put yourself through a very unpleasant process of going to singles bars and things like that," Cain told , Cain writes about the "self-negating choices" introverts make when they feel the pressure to identify themselves as outgoing.
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I attended Summer Rec at Fairfield that summer and remember crying because I missed too many days and they wouldn't let me be in the production. When we were very small and my parents would go out on a Sat. In high school and after we would go and eat there and get the bar pie.... Yes the others are good as well but I don't think I have ever had any as good as Musicaros. Personally I recall being in a cafe in North Carolina and seeing All American burger and fries bags framed on the wall.One of the counselors took me to the kitchen and we ate ice cream out of the carton. My grandfather died and we had to find a house with an apartment so my grandmother could live with us. From fourth grade until I graduated from high school I remained in the Shores. No longer did I have the connections to the people that were such good friends. I guess when you put it all together, I was very fortunate to have my three Massapequas because I have such fond memories of all of them. My children grew up in Virginia and I don't think their memories of childhood are rich as mine were. Does anyone remember the pictures on the wall of the Miss Reingold girls. The owner was of course a Massapequa native and reported that at least five times every week someone new would recognize the bags and All American stories would be shared. She taught us the symphonette and from that I went on to play the clarinet and was in the band all the way through high school. Last time back in mass was three hrs ago maybe on a trip somewhere else. I started kindergarten at Hawthorne elementary in 1958. We all had to learn to play the symphonette, a flute-like instrument that ( I think) her husband may have invented??? My kindergarten teacher was Miss Curtain and the art teacher was Miss Walshmock. We join our hands in friendship beneath the gold and blue. Rae Hansen took over for the remainder of the year.It is messages like yours that make this website such a gem. I grew up in Massapequa Park, so most of my early childhood memories are from there, but I do have memories of Harbor Green, Pizza Supreme (the best pizza), All American, and Carvel, as my older sister had friends from there. I remember the night the farmer's market burned, I remember the excitement surrounding the opening of Pequa Bowl, and have fond memories of playing in Tackapusha park with my friends that also live in the apartments over their parent's stores.I read these posts and I am transported back to a simpler time. Back to neighborhoods and kick the can and staying out until the street lights came on. Francie's dad owned the luncheonette and the chocolate egg creams there were outstanding. I will always be proud of Massapequa and miss it very much (but don't miss the snow). I miss the food, All American hamburgers, the local pizza and Chinese restaurants, the ice cream shop on Broadway near the train tracks... My friend and I lied about our height so we could stand next to each other in Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir and Acapella Choir. I laughed every time someone would ask for a tissue. Then we all got together to unload the trucks when they came in. Monkey Mountain, at the zoo, was the highlight of any visit.

& of course the Hawthorn School song This is in response to Bob (7/21/17). What greater dream could a bored and ready to get out senior in high school have than to arrive at school on a beautiful spring day and find out classes are cancelled until further notice due to a teacher strike!!! Stopped at the massapequa diner to show my wife Long Island diner food. We had two gym teachers, Miss Tulley and Mr Ceily who got married to each other while I was a student there. Within these halls of learning, our glad young voices ring. It was on the same side of the street as the high school, and in colder weather we could get a hot cup of coffee and a bagel before the teachers called us all back in. Proud to have graduated MHS, although all the schools in Regional 23 enjoyed very fine reputations. (Does anyone remember the sign Siss's sandwich shoppe--"good food"). Adventurers Inn was also on 110 in Melville, not too far from the 110 drive inn. Mrs Walsh, Mrs Seabold, Mrs Algiers, Mrs Learned, Mrs Marcus, and Miss. Not quite sure of the correct spellings or who was really Mrs. I went on to become a 6th grade teacher in Putnam county and retired in 2004 after 32 years. Surfing more than girls, actually because that was a little intimidating for me at the time. Do you remember the name of the male Chemistry teacher? Still trying to remember the name of the Deli we would walk to during fire drills. Frontierland was in fact on Rt 110 , may have been near there the inter county shopping center. I still remember all of my teachers first through sixth. Wow, every single morning for 19 years I played the piano for that with the Broadcast Choir! Our world today seems so upended, in the 60's it seemed so easy to understand, quiet and harmless. in my case my teenaged years I revolved around surfing, and girls.I went to Fairfield for kindergarten and "kidnapped" a boy I thought was cute. ) family seemed to think I was trying to give away a free coke ($.10 in those days). I still can't stand the smell of fast food burgers and fries. Enjoyed the comments on the great Massapequa Pizza debate especially the recollection of the Pizza Supreme roof of the mouth burn that seemed to happen every single time you ate a slice. And now its time to address the world famous All American Hamburger Drive In but from the insiders (as in former employees)perspective.He came home with me one day and his parents had the police out looking for him. Truth is I had a mad crush on Billy Vultagio and would never have betrayed the family trust. With the scattering of south shore Long Island natives throughout the world the legend of All American has achieved global significance including of late being a feature on the "Kevin Can Wait" sitcom.It was a lovely place to grow up with the ocean breeze in the air all the time. The first Massapequa was on the very west end of town, bordering Seaford.