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' while Dan Bower added: 'Hate all these shameless endorsements...really going down in my estimations @stevengerrard.' However, many people rushed to Gerrard's defence, highlighting his charity work and long career.

Anne Mc Gaughey wrote in response to another critical post: 'You're so wrong.

The very first comment in that thread was made by a user who pointed out that the purported issue Morrison was warning about was easily avoided: Morrison didn’t say why he believed He said: “I just had it in my head that I needed to ask the boys if they were playing on this Roblox game after reading about it online.

“They said they had it so I’ve said let me have a look at it.

Players age 13 and older are on a less restrictive filter than the younger players, but inappropriate content is still strictly prohibited.

These filters cover all areas of communication on Roblox, public and private.

From the outlook it looks completely fine, you can go into different rooms and in the first room I wasn’t sent anything untoward.

“Then I went in this waterslide room with a pool and immediately was propositioned.

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I read about this in article and it seemed like paranoia, but you can't be too sure these days. SERIOUS WARNING for anyone with kids who love to play in virtual gaming sites on their phones, i Pads & computers!!!

There's a kids app called "roblox"...30 million users.

Similar to the game "Minecraft", but has a messaging feature.

He has a foundation and works very hard with those in Liverpool less fortunate than himself.

He can spend his money how he likes on his children who are his world as it should be.' Adam Calver also responded to a critic, saying: 'You narrow minded b*****d.