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' he exclaimed as Dickie feigned ignorance and asked him: 'Have you done it?
* * * he sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air.

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We’d sit on the hood of his car, silver paintwork warm against the backs of my legs as we made out. Why is it that we let ourselves fall for appearances? A circus of supercars had been abandoned on the sweeping drive and were being whisked away by identical-looking valets.“Leave your purse here,” Neil murmured. Immediately in front of me, two girls wearing bunny ears and nothing else were making out and fingering one another urgently.“What the fuck? Almost everyone had a mask on and the level of nudity was shocking. A portal back to reality.“C’mon,” he said, “Let’s get a drink.”We walked past what I thought was two guys having anal sex but then realised the guy taking it was also giving it to a third guy who was then giving it to a fourth.

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He cleared his throat, extracted a cue card and timer from his pocket and read in a clear voice:“What are the five stages in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? He had a small smile on his artificial, Hollywood-aged face.“This general knowledge. Past the enormous entry doors was a hall and off it, a huge room which seemed to have been created solely for parties. Nobody seemed particularly interested in the pair of soullessly drifting sharks. Huge glass doors led out into the private rear gardens. I found myself wishing I’d stayed home, or taken an overtime shift at the diner. Magnus’s blue eyes lit up.“I used to drive on the Nürburgring at college.”Alex and I looked at each other as he disappeared through the crowd.“Don’t ask,” she sighed, downing her entire flute of champagne. I didn’t have time to take in more than the obvious.

Through the thin wall separating our bedrooms, I could hear my roommate Alexandra going at it ferociously with her latest boyfriend. I did my makeup in record time, playing it safe with extra eyeliner and lip-gloss. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Outside the window, the traffic was loud and fumes drifted through the crack in the glass. I headed for the bathroom on autopilot, stood under the shower for half a minute, touched up waterproof makeup and hunted for my Gray’s bartending shirt. ” I asked lightly.“There’s a VIP party in Brentwood tomorrow night. It was the nicest thing I owned and wearing it in our small, overheated apartment with broken windows and ripped furnishings felt as fake as Hollywood could. Copyright © Copyright 2016-17 browncoffee All Rights Reserved.

He reached under the seat unexpectedly and handed me something.“You should put this on,”Tentatively, I examined what appeared to be an intricately crafted black mask.“A mask? The guy at the front was being sucked off by a girl with vibrant flamingo feathers in her hair.“Do you come here often? We’d reached the bar and its immaculate cleanliness comforted me a little. Not that it mattered since my glass had barely touched the bar before it was refilled. The combined smells of sex, sweat and smoke seeped into me. It felt surreal, wandering voyeuristically around with a stranger but I didn’t want to leave.

It ended the way a heat wave does; sudden but natural. The little I knew about Neil didn’t bode well but one involuntary smile and I felt like I’d do anything for him. “It’s kind of– a masquerade.”He had a mask too, with some kind of ridiculous beak on it. Still, he wore it well.“We’re here,” he said a short while later, and we were. ”I seemed to be the only one shocked by the display. The synchronisation was admirable and might have seemed rehearsed if it wasn’t for the obvious grunts of pleasure.