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There are currently 9,743 Precision Nutrition Certified coaches in 107 countries.
Seeking a take-charge individual who knows how and when to delegate, knows how to improve an office’s efficiency and productivity.

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If you are a reporter, writer, or producer who wishes to schedule an interview, please use the Contact form to send a request that includes: (1) the interview topic, (2) the media outlet or publication you work for, and (3) the date by which you hope to complete the interview.Note from the Network: The holder of this profile has certified having all necessary rights, licenses, and authorization to post the files listed below.He just didn't care."Bad" cold DNA hits are far more common than thought.Because of errors in the databases, a DNA match probability reported as 1 in a billion turned out, when corrected, to be 1 in 3.Karen Daniel and Judy Royal, lawyers at Northwestern University Law School's Center on Wrongful Convictions, concluded that most innocence projects—including their own legal clinic—are failing to bring justice to wrongly convicted women.They have identified factors that make female clients more difficult to exonerate, and uncovered startling facts that distinguish the cases of wrongly convicted women from those of men.The problem is especially acute when old, degraded DNA from unsolved cases is used. jurisdictions you still wouldn’t have the right to inspect it.Closed, proprietary software can put you in prison or even on death row. The reliability of proprietary software producing a DNA match, for example, cannot be challenged.) convicted with jails where we wouldn't put a dog, and we have a system that should give us the same kind of torment that our justice system inflicts on its prisoners.

The point of the Reid Method is not to gather information that will help solve the crime; it is to obtain a confession from a suspect that the police have decided is guilty.

Constitution, its authors clearly intended to protect the rights of persons accused of crime.

For each interpretive appellate decision that attempts to even the playing field, there are five more that steepen the grade.

For more information, please visit the SPN Mentorship Program.

Those simply stated protections have been continuously eroded over the past 200 years.