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While visiting my Grandparents in Brooklyn, my house had a fire, which turned out to have be caused by roast beef cooking in the oven.
But choosing what to wear for a first date isn't always easy, especially when you really want to impress the other...

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So if you don’t show up on time and do the job, you’re not going to get work. So there’s a lot riding on showing up and knowing your lines. Melissa Gilbert spoke out against director Oliver Stone during an interview on Andy Cohen’s satellite radio show on Monday, saying the director sexually harassed her when she auditioned for a role in his 1991 movie “The Doors.” Gilbert says Stone wanted her to do a scene he said he wrote just for her which involved saying, “Do me, baby,” repeatedly while on her hands and knees.“It was humiliating, it was horrifying, and he got me,” Gilbert said.The actress believes that Stone asked her to do the scene as a form of revenge for embarrassing him at a nightclub.’ Because my first thought was, ‘I haven’t been on a date in 6 months, I’m just working and not dating, I really don’t want to date anyone right now.’ So I sort of talked to myself for a moment, and then I went in, sat at the bar, and ordered a drink.Then I saw her smile and I was gone.” Gilbert is quick to clarify one point. This bar we were going to go to was closed, so we moved on and decided, well, let’s sit in this place until the other place is open and then we'll go dancing.In 2008, a fundraising effort funded a roof replacement, and now LAC aims to focus its efforts on restoring the building’s upper floors.

The accusations have been many, and the reaction and fallout has been swift across the industry.Anyone auditioning was told the scenes would be rehearsed and performed from a script, with my casting director, Risa Bramon Garcia, present throughout the process to ensure a safe environment for all actors who auditioned." Garcia also weighed in on the accusations as she recalled that the auditions were "challenging," but defended that it was necessary "given the nature of the material and the subject of the film." She continued: "However, every actor who auditioned came in voluntarily and was aware of the provocative material prior to engaging in their scenes.No actor was forced or expected to do anything that might have been uncomfortable, and most actors embraced the challenge, recognizing Oliver Stone's vision and the creative process.Busfield – who grew up in East Lansing – had lived on his own in a one-bedroom house in Holly, Michigan before marrying Gilbert, but the couple chose to relocate to Howell in part because of the town’s close proximity to airports and train stations, and because the town’s local opera house (built in 1881, and now undergoing extensive restoration) could potentially house the professional theater company Gilbert and Busfield aim to launch.According to the Howell Opera House website, the Livingston Arts Council purchased the building’s first floor – previously a hardware store – in 2000, drew up a plan, ran a successful fundraising campaign, and completed the first floor renovation in 2006. As we previously reported, two women have come forward to accuse the acclaimed director of misconduct in response to the powerhouse's controversial Harvey Weinstein stance. In case you missed it, per Melissa's account, the Hollywood heavyweight forced Gilbert to perform a scene he wrote specifically for her where she had to get on her hands and knees and say, "Do me, baby." She says she left the audition in tears.