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Zorg dat de ESTA aanvragen van alle passagiers ruim op tijd voor de geplande vliegreis geregeld zijn.

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A poetic etymology from the Wolof people states that the name derives from the local term Sunugal, meaning "our dugout canoe" (everyone is in the same boat).The Republic of Senegal became independent in 1960 after three centuries of French colonial rule.Like most Sahelian countries, Senegal has an important livestock sector that periodically is decimated by drought.Niokolo Koba National Park is situated in the southeast and is one of the most important reserves for large mammals in West Africa. The population of approximately ten million includes indigenous peoples, and a non-African population that is mostly French and Lebanese.A green five-pointed star appears in the center of the yellow band. Yellow stands for the savanna, and red for the blood spilled in the fight for liberty.In preparation for Independence Day, there is a week of celebrating the flag and the national anthem.

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It is bordered on the north by Mauritania, on the east by Mali, on the south by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The area that today is Senegal once was part of the West African Empire of Mali, Ghana, and Tekrur.The country takes its name from the river that runs along its northern and eastern borders, forming the frontier with Mauritania and Mali.Although predominantly Muslim, Senegal is a tolerant secular state, whose peoples have lived together peacefully for several generations and have intermingled to some extent. Terranga (hospitality) is a common word used by almost all of the country's twelve ethnic groups.This sense of a national identity is not shared by the Diola populations in the forest areas of the Casamance, who since December 1982 have been engaged in an armed insurgency to separate from the Islamized northerners.The state seal has the coat of arms on one side and a baobab tree on the other, with the national motto: "One people, one aim, one faith." The baobab tree is the traditional meeting place (the pencha ) where discussions and political rallies take place. Paleolithic and Neolithic wall paintings, tools, and pottery have been found in the Senegal River valley.