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Zac and ashley dating

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Bring Austin into the room and put me on speaker" Ashley said. She pulled away from the phone and put it on speaker."Babe? " Austin asked."So I got a call today from Zac's mom. Starla had texted her as she drove to let her know what time to come to the house. She walked into the house that she once knew and memories flooded into her head.

He's in really bad shape and his family is trying to get him to go to rehab but he won't go. Vanessa pulled up to the Efron home and sighed."It's now or never. Vanessa got out of the car and texted Starla to let her know that she was there. Vanessa walked into the living room, where she saw Starla and smiled."He's taking a break.

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Austin kissed Vanessa's lips again."I was walking down the street and I saw a magazine that caught my eye. " Austin asked."Yeah, I just don't want this to be brought up anymore. Vanessa giggled."I just don't want to bring it up anymore.

The cast had gone there separate ways and started working on their own projects.

The separation had also driven apart Zac and Vanessa, who had been dating since the start of it all. Vanessa had a new boyfriend named Austin and they had been dating for three years and were currently living together.

Hosts Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover inquired whether she still kept in touch with the man who played her East High Wildcat love interest, Troy.

Hudgens didn't mince words: But, uh, is it too bad?