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When Isobel later called the farmer on the phone, he was on the end of a pier, threatening to throw himself off.

His cherished dairy herd was about to be sent to market. It turns out the cows were 16 and 18 years old respectively.

And then, by chance, Isobel came across a dairy farmer in Suffolk who was at the end of his tether, tied up in knots by rules and regulations just because he wanted to look after his cows in a more respectful manner.

A somatic cell is a white blood cell and the number of these in a cow increases in response to bacteria.

But only when I saw a secretly filmed video, taken by animal-rights lobbying group Animal Aid, of a dairy cow being slaughtered did I begin to think seriously about food, and the way we farm.

Plus, at about this time, almost three years ago, I met a remarkable woman, who is my business partner in this, my first food venture.

When I tell people I’m about to launch a food brand, they usually laugh, incredulous. That, one day soon, more of us would become enlightened and become vegetarian. In restaurants now the only dish on offer for me is the inevitable mushroom risotto.Their calves – by-products of the dairy industry – suffer no less.At only a few days old they will be removed from their mothers.When I first visited this farm, just a couple of weeks after the farmer was declared bankrupt, his animals condemned, I saw two cows still in a barn. And so Isobel and I decided to buy the 60 dairy cows.We would sell their milk and use the money to fund their retirement.According to Farmers Weekly (April 24, 2009), 2,000 Holstein male dairy calves are shot each week.