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I can’t be pushed to be your friend, because to me this is the end. I passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin. a single smile just like mine, could travel round the Earth!Unknown My Fuel The one thing in this world, That wakes me day to day, Giving me things in my life, That use to be a dream to pray.

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That one special thing, The only needed tool, That gets me through it all, My love for God is fuel.

, I feel we had to take a number the older we got back in the happier days of you and I, No good - byes were said, no hellos to be said any longer, Our friendship died too long ago for us to see we fought a lot. Shanice Penney true friend through good times & bad through thick & through thin when I did belong you help me fit in you gave me a place in a world strange to me your sweet smiling face was I could see in a world full of frowns your laughter came through when I found a friend that was true. BROWNEYEZ I MISS U memi Me And My Best Friend Me and my best friend are like sisters We believe in each other and we trust each other We care for each other we depend on each other Even though we come from different backgrounds Age, color, size and appearance don’t matter to us because we see people right through I just wanted to say that my best friend is like my sister because she is the only one who accepts me for who I am and what I am.

Stephenie Hodgson More than Friendship When I think of you going away, It makes me sad and get all mad, When I hear your name it makes me smile, My friends say I could go on for a mile, But to let someone go away from you, It's like tearing your heart into pieces of two, I just want to say, That I still like you, Even if we are just good friends, I'll still believe in you, May God guide you where ever you go, And remember I'm here to watch your light grow. my homegirl wrote this poem to me before she died R. EVERYONE IS THE SAME COLOUR WHEN WE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS... Z represent China Bowl Friendship is like a china bowl costly rich and rare, once broken can be mended but the crack is always there.

This finding is consistent with research showing that relationships with more companionate love – based on friendship, feelings of affection, comfort and shared interests – last longer and are more satisfying.

In fact, companionate love is more closely associated with relationship satisfaction than is passionate love – the type of romantic love based on intense feelings of attraction and preoccupation with one’s partner.