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OK, there's plenty of hyperbole in that statement, but you can't deny that phone calls are going the way of the dodo.
Now, it's clear from reviews I've read that there are at least five females who die in their birthday suits. I see that the remake of "Mother's Day" is in post-production, with Rebecca De Mornay in the title role.

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The size of these groups can range from a few couples to hundreds of passengers.Similar to the all-gay cruises, participants are ensured they will be among at least some other LGBT cruisers.Gay men and lesbians have been passengers on cruise ships since the first commercial cruise line began, more than 100 years ago.Since then, the popularity of cruising among LGBT travelers has only grown.Obviously, the fact that nearly all of the passengers are gay is the most significant factor.

As previously noted, the cruise industry has become more aware, accepting and welcoming of its LGBT passengers.All the big players actively engage with tour operators like RSVP Vacations to charter their newest and largest ships.An all-gay cruise differs from a standard cruise on a few important fronts.This is also why the price of the gay-group tours are only slightly higher -- or in some cases slightly less, in the case of agent discounts -- than standard cruise pricing.Popular organizers of gay group cruises include Pied Piper Travel, Aquafest and Al and Chuck Travel.Most all-gay charters are dominated by male passengers, with the exception of Olivia, which specializes in cruises for lesbians.