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You already know Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers ever to do it. And you're aware that he's made some of the best hip-hop songs ever recorded.

Jigga's one of the few rap artists who's been able to remain commercially and critically relevant for 15 years.

Through that label, she recorded two exclusive albums for the Japanese music market Sugar & Spice (2008) and most recently K. Harrison continued to score supporting roles in films; with a supporting roles in Chicago (winning a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004), Shall We Dance? In addition, to scoring movie roles, Harrison has been engaged in product endorsement deals with brands such as Coca-Cola, Gap, Iceberg, Tommy Hilfiger, and Motorola.

Harrison contribution to music has earned her many accolades in the fields of pop and R&B music categories.

Lets not forget that Kylie was 17 years old when they started dating.

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Though this is not always the case, older men do offer more financially, are more mature and are also more experienced — meaning they know what they want. Let’s say that you’re a young woman between the ages 20 and 25.By Pahari So in a recent interview, Tyga says that his relationship with Kylie Jenner “overshadowed” his talents.I’ll pass on making any comments on Tyga’s “talent”, but as for his relationship with Kylie, the only thing that was overshadowed was that man’s lack of better judgement.Gifted and musically-inclined, with the help of her father she put together a demo tape when she was 15 and begin to scout around for a record deal while still attending high school.At the age of 16, she signed a recording contract with Interscope Records.From his humble beginnings with Big Jaz, to sitting atop the throne with Kanye West, Hov’s survived every era, every trend, every diss, and even a retirement.