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It may be argued that these are merely examples of proposed legislation and that the Legislature would never actually pass anything so extreme.

Among the bills considered by the General Assembly during the 2012 session include proposals to: (1) prohibit registered sex offenders from going to schools to vote in elections, HB 495 (2012); (2) prohibit registered sex offenders from entering onto real property that is owned or operated by community–based organizations which provide recreational activities for children, HB 591 (2012); (3) prohibit registered sex offenders from participating in any Halloween activity that involves children including trick–or–treating, distributing candy to children, attending a school function, and attending a community festival, HB 1351 (2012); (4) creating a registry for individuals convicted of non-sexual child abuse, SB 370 (2012); and (5) creating a registry for individuals convicted of animal abuse, HB 1020 (2012).

The Legislature made registration more burdensome in other respects as well.

Tier II offenders have to register in person every six months for 25 years. Unlike Tier I offenders, Tier II and Tier III offenders cannot petition for a reduction in the term of registration.

Certain jobs are automatically eliminated due to minors being present, and other jobs are also ruled out under the registration guidelines: 5.

You are prohibited from using “commercial social networking Web sites.” In today’s world, we use the internet and social networking sites on a regular basis.

First, the Legislature required offenders to provide DNA samples at the time of registration unless they had already done so. Second, the Legislature created a new category of individuals, “extended parole supervision offenders,” who, in addition to registering, must serve a term of “extended sexual offender parole supervision” lasting from three years to life. Among the conditions extended parole supervision may include are monitoring via global positioning satellite tracking technology, restricting where a registrant may live and work, requiring participation in a sexual offender treatment program, prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol, and requiring regular polygraph examinations. In 2008, the Legislature again increased the burden on registrants.

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That year, the Legislature added three categories of individuals required to register, offenders, sexually violent offenders, and sexually violent predators. It doesn’t matter if you already have a perfectly good home.If your home is located within 1,000 feet of any school (excluding home schools) or any childcare facility with children under 13 years old, you have to find a new residence.Sex offenders, especially those who commit acts against children, are often seen as the lowest kind of criminal.They are targeted for life, rarely getting the chance to put the past in the past and move on.Pursuant to the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Program of 1994, 103 P. 322, Maryland enacted its first sex offender registration scheme in 1995. Importantly, the law also had no retroactive effect; by its own terms it applied only to offenses committed on or after the effective date of the law, October 1, 1995. Significant changes to the law came as early as 1997. Depending on their offense, child sex offenders and sexually violent offenders would have to register annually for 10 years or for the remainder of their lives.